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SUMMER SALAD by Rod Frederick

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée MasterWork™ Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n. 42"w x 11"h (unstretched).
$650 | $825 CDN | £385 + VAT (framing not included).
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“This is one of my favorite places to hike,” says artist Rod Frederick. “I really enjoy the sights and sounds found high in the timberlands during this time of the year.” Wildlife takes full advantage of the short mountain summers, when many different species are tossed together into the same habitat – much like a salad. As the days get longer and warmer, the snow disappears and everything springs to life.The Cascade Mountains provide a stunning background for the wild alpine flowers and butterflies as the singing of white crown sparrows fills the air.Through the art of Rod Frederick, you can bask in the delights of a fleeting mountain summer all year long.


THE WAKE UP CALL by Rod Frederick

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée MasterWork™ Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n. 48"w x 24"h (unstretched).
$1200 | $1525 CDN | £715 + VAT (framing not included).
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It is early fall in The Wake Up Call, the low sun bathes the mountains in alpenglow as mist rises off the water. This western scene is as familiar to Rod Frederick as his backyard, and could be almost anywhere in the Rocky or Cascade mountain ranges. As a prelude to the approaching winter, the male elk (or bulls) gather female elk (or cows) on the way to the winter range. The number in each bull’s group is limited only by his ability to defend his mating territory. Hormones are flowing freely, as evidenced by the pair of fighting elks. “Sometimes I can get so caught up in the excitement of watching elk which are fifty feet away that I might not even see the Canadian geese five feet from me,” says Frederick.

Greenwich Workshop MasterWork™ Editions

Few statements are as bold as a Greenwich Workshop Limited Edition MasterWork™. A dramatically sized giclée canvas (measuring at least 40" in one direction) becomes the centerpiece of the room while providing a window on the world. Whether the expanse of the West, the adventures of Africa, the charms of New England or Americana or the stunning landscapes of wine country, MasterWorks maximize the impact of your space with their views of distant horizons.

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