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OUT FOXED by Bonnie Marris

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n. 21"w x 28"h.
$650 | $825 CDN | £385 + VAT (framing not included).
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Cunning, sly and wily, the fox is adept at deception. From time to time, however, the devious dodger can be bested by the trickery of another. “This red fox had been eyeing a heron in a large pond for quite a while,” says the artist.“The bird waded while the fox waited.When the bird moved into the tall
weeds at the pond’s edge, the fox made his move. Instantly the huge wings unfolded and carried the heron out of the water, leaving only a feather and a fox’s empty embrace behind.” Bonnie created this crafty companion in the spirit of her recent fox painting, Frogs for Breakfast (Sold Out at Publisher).


The Art of Bonnie Marris:
Wild Expressions

Combining passion for her subject, with mastery of color and composition, Bonnie Marris creates pure wildlife art pleasure. She developed her talent by portraying animals from the inside out while illustrating several anatomy books as a student at Michigan State University. One volume attracted the attention of noted zoologist George Schaller, who invited Bonnie to create the art for a series of posters supporting his worldwide rare animal relief programs.

Beyond academic training and emotional involvement, art requires another element for which there is no substitute: experience. Each year, Bonnie makes countless trips to observe and learn more about the wildlife she loves.“To get into a natural environment and see the animals on their own terms is as important as knowing the animals themselves,” Bonnie says.“Whether with cats, bears, coyotes, wolves or foxes, real life experiences give me the biggest incentive to paint. Animals exist on so many levels, and the moods that show in their eyes are only the beginning of what we can learn from them.”

When an artist appreciates wildlife as much as Bonnie Marris does, each new location is an opportunity to capture nature’s beauty and share it with art and animal lovers everywhere. Marris’ style captures the drama and energy of an animal, domesticated or wild.What better way to bring a piece of wildlife into your life.

by Bonnie Marris
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by Bonnie Marris

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Catch of the Day
by Bonnie Marris

Each month, The Greenwich Workshop highlights one of our artists in a feature on our website. In June, we showcase artist Bonnie Marris. Visit our Artist Spotlight page to catch up on her portfolio of work and enter for the chance to win the fine art limited edition canvas Mystere.

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